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Learn about the Diversity Project and what started the idea for this series. 

Part 1: Identity and Representation

Hear from Shina Turner, African American Student Union President of 2022 about her experience in a major with a lack of diversity. 

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Part 2: Minority Stories and Subtle Racism

Hear from Ryan Walker, A Fellow TRHT member and current student at Otterbein. This is what he had to say about being a Black student today. 

Part 3:Being a Commuter and University Advertising

Hear from Da'Viona Fowler, senior Journalism and Media Communications major, about her experience as a commuter about her experience on campus. 

Part 4: Racism and Tension in the 90's

Alumni Jason Jenkins discusses his experience at Otterbein as an African American student during the late 90s and his involvement with a protest that occurred on campus. 

Photo does not depict interviewee 

Part 5:First Black Homecoming Queen and Financial Support

Alumni Antoinette Greene talks about her time as the first Black homecoming queen on campus and being a part of a state Sorority. 

Photo does not depict interviewee 

Outro:Equity on College Campuses  

Hear about my thoughts and from some alumni on what equity can look like on a college campus. 

For more info check out these sources:

Photo depicts cartoon from Part 4

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